3 Reasons The Water In Your House Is Not Working

Waking up to find that you have no water at all is a big problem, and you may immediately suspect the problem is your well. While a dry well can lead to no water in a house, there are other things that can also cause this to happen. Here are three common reasons water in a home stops working completely. Well Pump Lost Its Prime For a well pump to work, it must be primed. [Read More]

Fixing Or Upgrading The Plumbing By Yourself? Avoid These Top 3 DIY Mistakes

From swapping out a light fixture to completely tearing down and replacing a roof, many Americans are taking on home improvement projects – both big and small. However, there is one seemingly-mundane and straightforward chore that many homeowners take on, but often overestimate their abilities: plumbing. Here are three common DIY plumbing mistakes that many homeowners make, and how to avoid them: There Are Right and Wrong Ways to Unclog A Drain [Read More]

Choosing The Right Sump Pump For Your Home

Many people have sump pumps in their basements to help remove water that makes its way into the home. If you do not have one of these pumps and you notice a great deal of water in your basement, then it is wise to purchase a device as part of your home waterproofing plan. You do need to purchase the right pump for your house, and there are hundreds of different options to choose from. [Read More]

Replacing Copper Water Pipes - Important Pipe Preparation Tips

Water supply lines sometimes form cracks and leaks due to general wear and stress. The freezing and thawing of water within the lines as well as the slow degradation of the metal in the pipes can cause issues. Most water lines installed in residences are made from copper, and the pipes can be replaced fairly easily. If you feel as though you have the know-how and the skills to replace the pipes on your own, then you will need to solder the new ones in place. [Read More]