Worn Pipes And Plumbing Emergencies

It's always best if you know how to spot problems in your house right away. When you are familiar enough with the various parts of your home to catch issues right away, you can have them fixed before other things go wrong. One of the types of problems that can happen with your plumbing is the pipes will eventually become worn. When they get to this point, it's best to have them replaced as soon as possible before problems present themselves. Sometimes, worn pipes can lead to a plumbing emergency that needs immediate attention. When you have a plumbing emergency that leaves you dealing with a lot of water coming from a pipe, shut the main water valve off and call emergency plumbing services immediately.

Here are some different issues worn pipes can cause.

The pipes start to leak

Worn pipes can let you know they are worn by leaking. Leaks can be small and produce slow drips, or they can be large and cause a lot of water to get all over the area. If a leak happens in some places, you might find out right away. For example, if you have a leak under the kitchen sink, then you may find it as soon as you go under the sink to grab something you store there. Or leaks can happen in other places where they can go on for a while before being noticed, such as in a basement you rarely go into. All leaks in the home are problematic and can cause water damage and other problems, like mold, for example. 

The water can have rust in it

When the pipes are worn, they can also be rusted. When you have rust in the pipes, the water can be harder than normal. You can notice changes in the water, such as finding it harder to rinse the soap off yourself or even off of your clothes when they have gone through the washer. Also, the water will taste different, and it can come out of the taps with discoloration. Instead of being clear like water should be, it can instead be an orangish or brownish color. Rusted pipes can quickly spring leaks or completely bust wide open. 

The pipes can become corroded

Worn pipes can corrode. The first signs that pipes may be corroded can be the presence of flaking or even dimpling. If you don't spot the issue soon enough, you may end up having a portion of the pipe suddenly falling apart, and this will leave you with an issue of flooding that needs to be stopped and fixed right away.