3 Proactive Tips Homeowners Can Use To Prevent A Holiday Plumbing Nightmare

With the holidays once again looming closer, some homeowners may already be consumed with dread. It isn't that they don't want to host parties, dinners, and overnight visits for extended family members and friends, they may just be worried that their home's plumbing system may not be able to handle the increased usage. If you are one of these homeowners, the following proactive tips can help you improve your plumbing system's functionality so that your holiday memories are sure to be more dream-like, instead of nightmarish. 

Do a pre-holiday season pump out

Homeowners who have an on-site septic system may be experiencing plumbing problems during periods of high demand because their septic tank has reached capacity. This often happens when no schedule for pumping has been instituted in the past. Simply scheduling a pre-holiday pumping of the septic tank and then following a strict pumping schedule in the future may be all that is needed to help your septic system function more efficiently, even when more usage demands are placed upon the system due to holiday gatherings.

Keep basic plumbing tools handy

Holiday guests in the home often means too much toilet tissue is flushed or too many greasy liquids are poured into the the drains. If the plumbing and fixtures of your home are in good condition and functioning properly before these occurrences happen, homeowners can often deal with these relatively minor issues on their own, as long as they have the right tools on hand.

Homeowners who want to be prepared to handle minor plumbing emergencies should invest in a good quality plumbing snake to be used throughout the home and enough plungers to keep one in each bathroom. 

Invest in a plumbing checkup

Homeowners who have been plagued with slow running drains and toilets that can be difficult to flush in the past may be dealing with a hidden or developing plumbing problem. If the plumbing system is an older one, there may be cracked or clogged drain pipes or a developing mass of hardened grease and solids that prevents the pipes from correctly moving solid and liquid wastes to the septic tank or main lines of the municipal system. 

To determine if your home has an existing plumbing problem that could cause an unpleasant experience while holiday guests are visiting, consider scheduling a diagnostic plumbing checkup well before the holiday season arrives. Doing so will allow your home plumbing services time to cure any plumbing issues that are found, as well offer you helpful suggestions for upgrading your current plumbing system to avoid future problems.