3 Ideas To Keep In Mind When Selecting A Bathroom Faucet

If you are planning a bathroom renovation, selecting a new bathroom faucet will of course be a large part of your decision making process. Chances are though that it's been a while since you last had to purchase this important fixture, and you might not be familiar with everything that is available on the market today. Here are three tips that can help you narrow down your options when it comes to selecting a bathroom faucet.

How Many Spouts and Bowls Do You Need?

If you currently have just one spout and bowl in your bathroom but have expanded the family in the years since you moved into your home, the first thing you should consider is whether or not you want a faucet arrangement that features multiple spouts and bowls. This will allow more than one person to use the bathroom at the same time. For example, you could save over one bowl while your spouse applies make up over the other. If your bathroom has enough space, strongly consider getting a faucet set up that can accommodate more than one person.

Make Sure Extra Style Doesn't Sacrifice Function

Today's faucet spouts come in a variety of different designs. Some spouts rise up to a great height to give you more room under the faucet but this might not be ideal if you have shelving or something else above the sink. You can also select between faucets that have just one handle to turn the water on or off or faucets that have multiple handles or even a sprayer. Talk with your family about what would be ideal for your clan. Don't get something just because it looks fancy, make sure it will have an applicable use in your day to day life.

Keep Durability in Mind When It Comes to Your Finish

Obviously you want your faucet setup to match the rest of the bathroom. But you should also want to make sure you have a finish that is easy to clean and can provide long-term durability. Of the finishes available on the market today, chrome remains a favorite choice. "Brushed" or stainless steel finishes are also durable but might pick up a few more fingerprints. Some bronze faucets have a special coating that is especially tough but can become chipped over time. Pick a finish that compliments your color scheme well but make sure you are getting something that won't be a headache to clean years down the line.

When selecting a bathroom faucet, keep function in mind in addition to style. Talk with your family about the idea setup and then contact a faucet supplier such as Do-It-Ur-Self Plumbing & Heating Supply for more information.