Four Reasons To Get Your Plumbing Evaluated With A Camera Inspection

You might not think about your home plumbing a lot, that is, until something goes wrong. When a pipe bursts or your sewage gets backed up, it's the worst time to think about getting your plumbing inspected. Since you want to prevent plumbing accidents from happening, you need to ensure your pipes are working like they should. One great way to do just that is by having a plumbing service company do a camera inspection.

Here are four reasons to get your plumbing evaluated with a camera inspection.

1. It Alleviates the Guesswork

Your pipes are an important part of your home, but unfortunately, you can't always see what's happening with them by looking at them from the outside. Having a plumbing service company do a camera inspection means they will be able to look directly inside your pipes, which can help to alleviate any guesswork about what might be going on inside them. By knowing exactly what is happening inside the pipes, a plumber can better determine how to fix them.

2. It Can Help Save You Money

A camera inspection will prevent small problems from turning into big ones, which will help save you money. For example, a leaky pipe inside the wall can start out as a small problem, but the longer it leaks, the bigger the problem becomes. A pipe that leaks for a prolonged amount of time can cause the following types of damage:

  • Stained and warped walls
  • Black mold growth
  • Flooding and water damage

All of these are big problems that can be expensive to fix. For instance, if there is water damage to hardwood floors, it could cost up to $1,500 to get the flooring replaced.

3. It Teaches You How to Care for Your Pipes

By looking at the inside of your pipes, you can determine what is causing the problem. If you have drainage problems, it could be because you're putting the wrong things down your drains or garbage disposal.

In order to properly care for your pipes, you should never put the following items down the drain, toilet, or garbage disposal:

  • Meat bones
  • Celery
  • Coffee grounds
  • Egg shells
  • Fruit pits
  • Grease
  • Fruit stickers

Be sure to put these types of items in the garbage can where they belong so that your drains will flow freely without getting clogged.

4. It Is Safer

Your walls and plumbing can stay intact with a camera inspection. Because nothing has to be taken apart, it lessens the chance of damage, which means a camera inspection is a safer way to do a plumbing inspection.