Working With, Or Working For: Interpreting The Working Relationship You Have With Your Plumbing Contractors

Plumbing contractors have different working relationships with the construction contractors when it comes to new construction on a city-owned building. As a construction contractor, it is important to find out before you place a bid on a job if you need to include a plumbing contractor's fees in your bid, or if the city is going to find its own, separate plumbing contractor. As a agent of the city, standing on the outside looking in, you may see more clearly what these working relationships are between plumbing and construction contractor are like.

Working with the Plumbing Contractor

In these instances, the city government has decided that it will get its own plumbing contractor. This separate plumbing contractor means that the construction contractors do not have to include subcontracting fees and salaries in their initial bids, which works out better financially for the construction contractors. However, the plumbing contractor and the construction contractor on the same city project have to meet, go over building plans, and learn to effectively communicate and work together when they are in each stage of the construction and plumbing installation processes.

The Plumbing Contractor Working for a Construction Contractor 

If the city does not decide to hire its own, separate plumbing contractor, then each construction contractor has to find a plumbing contractor who is willing to subcontract the plumbing work on the city project. Once the construction contractor has found his/her plumbing subcontractor, then the construction contractor has to include the subcontractor's salary requirements and work estimate in the contract bid to the city. Unless the construction contractor already has a good working relationship with a plumbing contractor, the construction contractor has to scramble to find someone for the job. This may result in several delays to submit a bid, and the potential loss of work if no one is available to do the plumbing. Ultimately, the plumbing contractor is working for the construction contractor, but as a separate entity.

Very Rare Working Relationship

In very rare instances, a construction company already has a plumber on the team. The work bids are immediately completed and with precise quotes because the construction contractor does not have to worry about finding a plumbing contractor or attempt to figure out how to work with the plumbing contractor selected by the city. As an agent of the city, you can already see what a convenient thing this would be to the city's project.