Survival Tips While Waiting For Your Home's Water Main Repair

If you're waiting for a plumber to come to your home for a water main repair, then these tips will help your family deal with your temporary lack of running water:

Tip: Fill Up Your Bathtub Before Turning Off the Water Supply if Possible

If your water main is leaking in an area outdoors where a few extra gallons isn't really going to affect the situation much, then you should fill up your bathtub before turning off the water. While you are at it, fill up the sinks in your kitchen and bathrooms as well.

Once you turn off the water main, you won't be able to flush toilets or easily wash for potentially many days. Having a store of water in your sinks and bathtubs allows you to do some basic handwashing and toilet flushing without having to use expensive bottled water.

Tip: Stock Up on Hand Sanitizer

Even if you don't use a lot of hand sanitizer in your daily life, it really is a great solution for sanitizing your family's hands while your household water is turned off. 

If you want an additional way to clean your hands, put some dish soap in a spray bottle with some water. Spray your hands to clean them and then rinse them off in the water you stored in your sink.

Tip: Eat Like You are Camping and Use Disposable Plates and Utensils

Even if you never use paper plates or disposable utensils in your household, a broken water main is a situation where it's the best choice you can make. If you hate the idea of sending plastic utensils to the landfill, you can always soak them in water, wash them when the water is back on, and save them for your next plumbing emergency or family picnic.

In addition, cooking and eating foods similar to those you eat when you go camping is always a great idea. For example, roast some hot dogs over the backyard barbeque or make some sandwiches for dinner. The fewer pots and pans required to get a meal on the table means fewer dishes you will need to wash with your limited water supply.

Tip: Don't Forget to Flush Your Plumbing with Clean Water Before Resuming Use

For one last tip, it is important you don't forget to flush out your home's plumbing with some clean water before you start using the water. When the line was repaired, dirt and bacteria could have been introduced into the line. A liberal washing with clean water will clean out the lines and make your household water once again safe to use and drink.