4 Benefits Of Using A PEX Plumbing System In Your Home

If you are building a new home or restoring an old home and have the chance to opt for newplumbing systems installations, you need to think carefully about the type of plumbing system you want to install. You don't have to install a copper plumbing system. A great alternative to copper plumbing systems are PEX plumbing systems or crosslinked polyethylene systems.

Flexible & Durable

PEX plumbing systems are really flexible. The tubing system is made out of crosslinked polyethylene, which allows the plumbing to be flexible. That means you can easily navigate your plumbing around tight corners and through small spaces. PEX plumbing does not require the same space for sharp bends that traditional copper plumbing systems do. You don't need to use as much space when navigating around turns with your plumbing system.

Retains Heat

PEX plumbing systems also are really good at retaining heat. When hot water travels from your hot water heater to your pipes, less heat is lost, resulting in warmer water out of your pipes. That also means you don't have to spend excessive time insulating your pipes just to get hot water to your faucets.

Resists Condensation

On your cold water lines, you are less likely to get condensation on your water lines. You don't want condensation and moisture building up in your walls and crawl space. Extra condensation could lead to mold and mildew build up. PEX is able to resist the development of condensation because of the insulating quality of PEX plumbing.

Expands to Avoid Freezing

If you live somewhere where freezing weather is common, worrying about freezing pipes can be a constant concern. PEX pipes are often referred to as freeze-proof pipes because when it gets cold, the pipes are actually able to expand. Copper pipes crack and burst when it gets cold because when water freezes inside of the pipes, the pipes are not able to change shape. This is not true for PEX pipes; PEX pipes are able to expand when water freezes inside of them, avoiding the bursting process so common with copper pipes.

With PEX pipes, you don't have to worry about running water at night so that your pipes will not freeze when its freezing outside; your pipes will take care of themselves.

No Chemicals

PEX pipes are also great to use because the pipes do not use lead at all within the system. The connections that you create with PEX pipes also do not require the use of solvents or chemicals at all. PEX pipes do not contain chemicals or substances that you want to avoid. PEX piping creates a very pure water system.

PEX piping is flexible and durable. It doesn't contain or rely on dangerous chemicals, creating a clean water system. PEX piping keeps your hot water hot, your cold water cold and doesn't freeze like other piping systems.