Keep Your Drains Flowing: 4 Tips

Water can cause a lot of damage, so if you have a drain that is clogged and the water doesn't have anywhere to go, it could lead to water damage. A clogged drain can also cause a backup in your sewer system, which could be a big mess in your home. Keep your drains flowing properly and without fail by following the tips below.

Pay Attention

Pay close attention to the drains in your home. If you notice they are draining slowly, it could mean that there is a clog somewhere in your drain, although it may not be completely clogged. Clean out your drain before that minor issue becomes a big problem for you. Watch for water that comes back into your shower or washing machine. If you notice water coming back inside, it could be loaded with bacteria and could also be a big issue. Pay close attention to these problems and take care of them before it worsens.

Use Sensitive Drains Wisely

If you have a sensitive sewer system you should be treating it that way. Don't use thick toilet paper, stick with one-ply or even camping toilet paper that will dissolve much faster than regular toilet paper. Be sure nobody places anything other than that toilet paper down your drains, even if the item says it is flushable. Flushable wipes, baby wipes, tissue paper and feminine products should all be thrown in the trash, not flushed down the toilet.

Install The Drain Stops In The Drain

Be sure you are using drain stops in all of your drains in your home. The drain stops help prevent any large particles or objects from getting washed down the drain. Your drains should not see anything other than water being washed down them, but accidents happen, that's why the drain stops are necessary.

Use A Drain Clearing Product

To help keep your drains clear you should use a drain clearing product when you notice an issue. You can find drain clearing products at your local hardware or grocery store. You can also find a product that comes with a small snake to snake the drain if needed.

If you have a drain problem and a household product just isn't getting the job done, you may need help from a professional. Call a professional drain clearing company, such as Roto Rooter Sewer & Drain Service, for help to get your drains clear before you have a messy and expensive problem on your hands.