Need A Portable Toilet? Know Your Options

If you're hosting an event in an outdoor area, one concern will be where everyone goes to the bathroom. The only solution is portable toilets, but the decision goes beyond just giving a rental company a number and having them dropped off at your event. There are actually several kinds of portable toilets that you have to pick from, with them serving different purposes.

Standard Portable Toilet

At the most basic level, a standard portable toilet will have just the toilet inside an enclosed structure made of plastic. They can only be used by a single person and don't have a sink inside them. Of your portable toilet options that are available to you, these will be the cheapest. These toilets do not flush, with the waste going directly into the holding tank. You can also rent them in a large block, so that multiple stations will be together to prevent long lines to use the bathroom.

Portable Toilet With Sink

You can upgrade to a nicer portable toilet that is designed to resemble a household bathroom. The main feature of this model will be the addition of a sink, but it can also contain paper towels, a soap dispenser, and mirror, and it may even have a little bit more room. The sink can be operated using a foot pump that only runs the water for as long as it is necessary. These toilets can also have a flushing mechanism, which keeps odors out of the unit and helps keep it clean.

Handicap Portable Toilet

As you can imagine, a handicap portable toilet will be bigger than a standard portable toilet to accommodate for wheel chairs or even an additional person to help out. They have a lot of the same features of the upgraded portable toilet with a sink but can also include a baby changing station. It is a good idea to rent at least one handicap portable toilet to accommodate those that need it.

Stand Alone Sink Units

Another option is to use standard portable toilets, but rent separate sink units for a common area outside where the portable toilets are located. This can help save you costs on upgrading many individual portable toilets and also give the convenience of a hand washing station to those not looking to use the bathroom. It can help cut down on lines for use of the actual toilets as well, potentially cutting down on how many toilets you need.

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