It's Almost Summer: Time To Prepare For The Potential Plumbing Problems

The temperatures are finally warming up. Summer will soon be here. Time to start planning for some fun in the sun. It's also time to get your plumbing ready for the change of seasons. Each season seems to come with its own issues that can affect your plumbing. The colder temperatures bring the threat of frozen pipes. The warmer temperatures bring a few other problems. Don't let plumbing problems put a damper on your summer fun. Here are a couple plumbing problems you should prepare for.

Sewer Line Problems

If you've got cracks in your sewer lines, those summer showers could wreak havoc on them. Torrential rainstorms can cause excess water to seep down into the soil. If your sewer line is damaged, the excess water will cause flooding and backups. The best way to protect against this type of plumbing problem is to have your sewer line inspected before the torrential rains arrive. If you've got mature trees in your yard, it's especially important that you have your sewer lines inspected. You could have tree roots growing in the sewer lines, which could cause cracks and crumbling.

Toilet Troubles

If you've got kids, they're going to be out of school for the summer. They'll probably be having a lot of their friends in to play – or hang out. If that happens, your toilets are going to be working overtime. With the added use, there will be plenty of opportunities for toilet malfunctions. Before you're faced with a problem, give your toilet the once-over.

Check for Leaks

A leaky toilet can wreak havoc on your bathroom. Not only will you have a watery mess, you'll also have an increased risk of mold growth – especially if you live in an area that's warm and humid. To check for leaks, pour about a teaspoon of blue food coloring in your toilet tank and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. Check the toilet bowl. If the water in the toilet bowl is blue, you have a leaky toilet.

Clean the Drain

The last thing you want to deal with this summer is toilet backups. You can help reduce the chances of having one by cleaning the drains. Flush a cup of rock salt down the toilet about once a month. The rock salt will eat away at the gunk that's lining the toilet drains, and reduce the chance of stubborn toilet clogs.

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