6 Plumbing Pranks To Avoid On April Fool's Day

It's always tempting to play practical jokes on April Fool's Day, but when they include the bathroom, disaster can strike. A simple prank can go horribly wrong. This can not only cause personal injuries, but it could do major damage to key plumbing systems found in the bathroom.

As you plan out your next April Fool's Day prank, learn how some of these classic pranks can actually be harmful to your bathroom plumbing.

Firework Surprise

The prank is simple, someone is showering and you toss in a small firecracker to give them the spook of a lifetime. The only problem is that you need to have incredible aim and some pretty industrial strength toilets or showers to ensure the prank. If fireworks land the wrong way, they can cause major damage to plumbing in the bathroom. This includes leaks in the toilet bowl, shower head, or a bath tub.

Keep the firework surprises to safe settings like an open field.

Snake in the Toilet

One of the more common bathroom urban legends is the tale of the snake in the toilet. When someone lifts the toilet seat, a real snake launches out and injects its venom into them. This legend has been turned into a popular prank where a fake snake is placed into the toilet water to create a scare.

While the prank can induce laughs, it could also cause major plumbing problems. If the snake is accidentally flushed down the toilet, the rubber and plastic texture could cause major clogs. The toy snake will not decompose and will require a professional plumber to come clean up the mess.

Plastic Wrap Toilet Bowl

As one of the more messy pranks, people often place plastic wrap over a toilet bowl to fool people when they use the toilet. Just like the rubber snake, the plastic wrap can cause clogs in the plumbing. The messy situation can also cause liquids to get around the edges of the toilet. This could cause the build up of rust on toilet seat bolts.

Petroleum Jelly Toilet Seat

The petroleum jelly prank is similar to the plastic wrap prank. The jelly is placed all over the seat so that the victim sits down and slips and slides everywhere. When this occurs, it can cause the toilet seat to possibly break or crack. Also, any fallen jelly can cling to the drainage pipes of the toilet. This build up may cause clogs over time.

Shower Head Prank

A lot of people turn the shower on outside and then go in when the water is warm. This leads to a prank where the shower head points outside the shower and soaks a person as soon as the water starts. While the prank is pretty harmless to the person, it could cause major damage to your shower head.

Forcing the head in the far direction could cause the pipes to bend or have too much pressure. This may result in leaks or broken shower heads. A person's reaction may also cause them to quickly jam the shower head the other way and cause even more damage. If this much damage does occur, then a plumber will need to replace the shower head, along with multiple pipes.

Mentos Bathroom Experiments

People are constantly looking for new ways to mix Mentos with Diet Coke and see the explosions that take place. Whether it's the bathtub, toilet, or shower, none of these places are a good idea. The reaction between the two could cause major problems, especially in a more condensed area like a toilet bowl.

While the Mentos prank creates a cool reaction, it should be left out of the bathroom, or the plumber could be moving in for some extensive repairs.

If you do have any bathroom pranks that go wrong, it's a good idea to call a plumber as soon as possible. You do not want the problem to get worse or to have to deal with additional issues like mold.